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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Preschool of Rock(Georgie James @ Ft. Reno)

First, my apologies for the tardiness of this review as 3/4 of RC have been sailing the high seas. I learned two impotrtant things on the semi-Rock Club sailing trip to Newport, RI.:

1. Jumboslice is very adept a sleeping and eating. I am surprised this dude doesnt have the figure of pre-Subway diet Jared.

2. Potsy seems to have a problem with meatheads.

On to the review.....

Since the summer seemed to be winding down, we decided to head out to Ft. Reno before it was too late. With RC favorite (actually Potsy favorite) Georgie James headlining the 2nd to last show of the summer I decided pack up the family and head out to Ft. Reno. It was a picture perfect summer evening in DC, and we got to Ft. Reno early enough to catch opener Brandon Butler. This guy plays soothing folk rock that was perfect for the outdoor setting. He also played a bit of harmonica which I particularly enjoyed. We ate burritos and they were good.

Next up was Perfect Souvenir who didnt really do it for me (or the rest of the group). They sounded a jam band with a touch of the DC/Dischord sound. I wasnt impressed. The songs dragged on for what seemed like an eternity and I soon grew bored. Jumboslice took Lil' Sacklunch(aka Sophie) to get a delicious fudgesicle and I discussed Potsys ill-advised journey to Merriweather to see Allison Krauss.

Georgie James came on just after the sun went down and they were quite good. It was nice to see all of the hipster doofus indie kids stand up and push toward the stage. They also played that song "Cake Parade" which I like a lot. Also, nothing was really lost in the outdoor setting and the tranquil scene actually improved the music, IMHO. They are definitely a local band to keep an eye on, with a charismatic lead singer and catchy indie pop tunes. The have the same vibe as a band like The Rosebuds and signing with Saddle Creek should help their exposure. I wish I had been able to stay for there entire set, buit the youngins were growing restless. I was pretty impressed that they held out for so long which gives me hope for future Ft. Reno shows next summer.

All in all, a nice evening out under the stars. Ft. Reno is a great summer venue and a DC tradition and I only wish we had attended more shows there this summer. Both offspring seemed to enjoy themselves and should be able to carry the RC torch after the founding members are too old and feeble to carry on. RC Rating (3 band average) 6.3

[Here's a clip]


Jimbromski said...

Potsy went to see Allison Krauss? When was this?

Just when you think he couldn't get any gayer, he does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.