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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold Shoulder Kids

On Friday we went to Waterloo Records for an in store performance by The Cold War Kids. Two years ago Jimbromski and I went to see them at DC9 but bailed before they went on. Mistake? Perhaps. Since then the popularity of the band has increased tremendously. The kids love the Cold War Kids. Personally, I've had mixed feelings. I enjoyed a few songs off their first album, especially the first two: "We Used To Vacation" and "Hang Me Up To Dry". There were also songs I thought were terrible. Some say their sound is a rip off of Spoon and maybe that's why I got sucked in. However, after seeing Spoon the other week and then catching Cold War Kids, it's clear the bands are in totally different leagues.

I'm a fan of the free Waterloo shows so I go to as many as possible. Even though I don't care much for the new Cold War Kids album I hoped the music would be better in a live setting. Nope. They only played 4 songs for a total of 14 minutes. Thanks for the effort guys! Hope you didn't exhaust yourselves.

At the other Waterloo shows I've attended the bands played for much longer, talked more with the fans and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. You got the feeling The Cold War Kids wanted to get in and get out. Very little effort. Plus, 3 and the 4 songs were boring. Only "Something Is Not Right With Me" had any punch to it. If their show at Emo's was anything like the Waterloo show, I'd glad I didn't buy a ticket.


Jumbo Slice said...

Should I have gone with "Catching A Cold" as the title?

sacklunch said...

I am waiting for Potsy to chime in. We all know he is ghey for CWK.

I liked the 1st album when it first came out, but I got tired of it pretty quickly.

I saw that little "stage" at Waterloo when I was in Austin last month. It reminds me of a courtroom/jury area (not sure what that is called? jury bench??)

Potsy said...

it's true that I really enjoy their first album. having never seen CWK live, I have to take Jumbo Slice at his word though.

sometimes a studio album doesn't represent the real thing. make that, often times...