Long live rock, I need it every night

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review as Haiku

To 9:30 Club
For LCD Soundsystem
Expectations high

Potsy's flight delayed
Yet another great show missed
Our cursed Rock Club guy

You need more cowbell?
LCD has lots for you
Three drummers kick ass

He's fat and funky
Hero to husky white kids
He makes people dance

Killer backing band
Freaks and Geeks guy on the drums
Saucy guitarist

"Daft Punk" right away
Then "North American Scum"
Played the hits too soon?

"Yeah" whips up the crowd
They are incredible live
Wow, that was unreal

A one song encore
Song too slow, bad way to end
Damn his failing voice

Jimbromski was right
That show was not to be missed
Rating: 8.6


Potsy said...

Creative, elegant, and efficient. Just like their cars and electronics, the Japanese are threatening to take over our way of blogging. Need I remind you of what happened in the 1980s? http://www.hilltoptimes.com/Images/story_photos/Curtis%20Baker.jpg

Nice review. I appreciate the shout out.

Jimbromski said...

That wuz fookin ace, man

but the next one's now gotta be in iambic pentameter, so all you've really done is dig a hole for yourself.