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Friday, May 25, 2007

Fort Reno 2007

Mr. Malitz at the Washington Post has a partial list of the Fort Reno schedule. The Rock Club house band, Statehood, plays on July 9th with Greenland (I've never heard of them). If you were hoping for a Fugazi reunion or another show by The Dismemberment Plan, you're out of luck (thus far). According to the Fort Reno site, the full the schedule will be "coming soon".

June 18 -- Deleted Scenes
June 21 -- Let's French
June 25 -- The Engine Room
June 28 -- Julie Ocean
July 9 -- Statehood, Greenland
July 16 -- Beauty Pill, Len Bias
July 19 -- Carol Bui
July 26 -- Antelope
Aug. 2 -- Yell County

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this is a scary photo