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Friday, October 26, 2007

New Rock Club For Hire

New Rock Church Of Fire - October 19, 2007 - Velvet Lounge - $8

As usual, most of what I'm going to tell you about will have little to do with the NRCOF's performance at the Velvet Lounge Friday night. But it's not like you were expecting a lot anyway, right? I'll start by saying that once again, convenience played a critical role in deciding RC's show of the week. With Major League Baseball's October Classic looming, certain chocolate making duties on the calendar, breast feedings to monitor, and dog-walking to do, we narrowed the date for RC this past week to Friday the 19th. That left us with a limited schedule, and after Jumboslice's usual meddling, we settled on New Rock Church of Fire at the Velvet Lounge.

Ah, the Velvet Lounge. Home to our third ever Rock Club show (Bang Bang Bang). And so we return more than a year later with more sophisticated tastes. For example, Jumboslice chose to order himself a Corona (with lime) instead of his usual $2 Schlitz. There was a good crowd at the Velvet Lounge and I recall catching half a song of one of the opening bands (but I don't remember what they were called), but then I noticed I was already out of beer. So back downstairs to the bar for more beer for me and the rest of RC. And then this is where I got a little side-tracked. My thoughtfulness for buying a round for the fellas paid off as a couple of young barflies, eying my abundant supply of frothy goodness, asked me to give them some. Yeah. Like my buddy Ralph says, "I still got it." But being the good friend that I am, after a few minutes with the lasses, I returned upstairs with the beers, but no RC members were there. So I went back downstairs and found them outside smoking.

Since I found myself downstairs again, I returned to the bar to finish my conversation with the two young ladies. Did I mention they were sisters? And blondes? Yeah. So you'll pardon me if I don't go on and on about The Red House Church of Rock. They seemed to be a good band from what I saw on their myspace page. I especially liked their Fig Tree song. It has a bit of a Black Lips sound to it. But my conversation with the sisters wasn't without rock. They had both come from the 9:30 Club after seeing the Finnish hard rock band "H.I.M." In fact, they were waiting for one of the roadies to show up, let's call him "Scott." Cuz that's what his name was. He showed up. I met him. Fattish guy with a beard. Seemed nice. So here's a bit of H.I.M.

I recently promised that I would start to judge these RC shows using the only real measure of quality rock that you can count. It's the "can this music get me laid?" test. Despite only seeing 1 of their songs, based on my bar talk, I'd say this band scores high on this simple scale. The only question I have is what happened to the old Rock Church of Fire that resulted in the creation of a new one?

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New Rock Church of Fire said...

Sorry you only got to see one song. Come back for another evening of rock, beer and love this saturday at Iota. NRCOF plays first, so come around 9:30. Send me a message on our myspace page if you'd like to check us out again and I'll put you on the guest list.
We'll get crazy and there will be plenty of booze and ladies there.
New Rock Church of Fire