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Friday, October 19, 2007

Van Halen update

The Onion AV Club, along with Stereogum, have become the go-to sites for Van Halen news. The AV Club posted this vid (below) of Van Halen's encore of "Jump" at their Sept. 29 show in Greensboro NC:

Multiple choice question--this version of "Jump" sounds like:

(A) a 44-cat orgy in the alley behind your apartment
(B) a coercive interrogation technique banned by the Geneva Convention
(C) John Tesh on PCP
(D) all of the above

Here's the explanation from the AV Club:

Van Halen’s long-awaited, much-delayed reunion tour with David Lee Roth is in full swing, but they’re still working out the bugs: At the band’s Greensboro, North Carolina show on September 29, Van Halen played “Jump” as their triumphant encore—only the whole thing crashed and burned (and burned and burned) when some soundguy played the famous synthesized backing track at the wrong pitch. The result? Some of Eddie Van Halen’s most, um, experimental guitar playing ever.
Potsy will be attending the Van Halen DC show at the MCI Center (aka "The Call Center") and will be expected to report back. Maybe he'll score an interview with DLR. Or even WVH*.

*Wolfgang Van Halen

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Potsy said...

By the way. It's called the Verizon Center now. Get with the program. And wasn't it referred to as the "phone booth?" That's better than the "call center." Where do you think we live? Bangalore?