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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Music Showcase pt II

Last night Sacklunch called me and asked how to embed hyperlinks in his blog posts. His ineptitude with this sort of thing is well-known. He still hasn't mastered the Reply-All function and we RC members still occasionally receive e-mails meant for the group that were sent only to us individually.

I walked him through the process of how to put a link in a post, and then today I look and he has two new posts on the blog (here and here -- Sack, note the ease with which I use links). Neither of these posts have links in them. My guess is that it was all too much for him. And God forbid he include a video or audio clip, his cerebellum would explode, leaving a gray gooey mess all over his laptop.

Sacklunch Official Rock Club Portrait

And now I continue the taunting of Sacklunch by posting an audio clip of Yeasayer's "2080", which is what he should have done in his post.

It's funny that he brought up that song because I had posted a couple of Alan Parsons songs earlier here and remarked that we could change the name of the band and tell Jumbo Slice that these 1970s softrock opuses were in fact the latest thing out of hipster HQ in Williamsburg/Ft Greene and he'd be none the wiser.

Then I was listening to the radio and heard "2080" and made a note to myself to post it because that was exactly the type of song I was thinking of--soft rock redux. This one could definitely be an Alan Parsons release from 1977. Anyway, judge for yourself (and Sacklunch, for reference, I posted here on how to post an audio clip to the blog).

And also, I like "2080". Anyone who knows me knows that I use "softrocker" as a compliment rather than an epithet.


Potsy said...

I agree with everything you've said. I don't agree with the photo, however.

Jimbromski said...

You think that picture is too flattering?

Potsy said...

exactly. you're giving sacklunch too much credit. if he were wearing an aquaman outfit, that would be more like it.