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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You might get bored

I watched It Might Get Loud the other night. You know, this is the rockumentary that features a not so casual meeting of guitarists Jimmy Page, David Evans (The Edge), and Jack White.

The actual meeting of these three is rather awkward as they sit around and talk about guitars and try to play each others tunes. Nothing like watching professional musicians who have no real love for one another squint at each other's fretboard trying to figure out how the song goes. It's kind of annoying, actually. But the rest of the film was pretty decent. I liked the historical footage of Page when he was 15 and featured on British television. And watching White make a guitar out of coke bottle, a hunk of wood, and a wire was equally enjoyable.

Having grown up on U2, I especially appreciated the footage of "Street Mission" that was offered. I had never heard of this song, and definitely never saw this footage before. According to the movie credits, this song was written by U2 before they were U2. They were called "The Hype" back then. I just wish Larry Mullen Jr. would stop giving me the eyes at minute 1:50. He's so flirty.

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