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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Austin Calling

I admit it. I don't know a lot about Spiritualized. I even mixed them up with Stereolab when commenting on yesterday's post. I said I'd choose MGMT over Spiritualized at this year's Austin City Limits. Since then I've done my research and with the help of friends who know a shitload more about music than me, I've seen the error of my ways. After listening to three Spiritualized albums and reading some concert reviews, it became clear choosing MGMT would be a mistake.

Which bring me to the point of this post. I wasn't really connecting with the Spiritualized sound until it hit me: Ah, they kind of remind me of Low Line Caller. Now, your first question is probably "Who the fuck are Low Line Caller?" To which I would reply, "Who the fuck are you? That's right, my friend. Who...the fuck...are you?"

I went to see Low Line Caller here in Austin back in July. When I first listened to their songs on MySpace I almost mistook them for yet another band chasing after that Brit-pop sound. It didn't take me long to realize these guys had a lot more talent than those groups. They started as an instrumental band, laid the foundation, and then after a few years they hired a singer. They make really lush, spacey, ethereal, and exquisite music. It's not unlike Spiritualized. Just not as much trance and obvious drug influences.

Seeing Low Line Caller live at Mohawk was actually an uplifting experience. However, as their set progressed I was ready for them to turn up the energy and rock out. And that's exactly way they did. The whole set was a slow build to crescendo. It's an overused description but they really are a tight band. During the show the four musicians would often all face each other in a circle. They were all locked in and focused on every note.

On Saturday I'm going to see Low Line Caller again as they open for The Lemurs. The Lemurs, also from Austin, are celebrating the release of their new EP. Belaire, who I saw open for Tilly and The Wall, and Pink Nasty are also on the bill. Should be another good night out.

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Steve said...

Be sure to get there in time for Pink Nasty. Her last album was fantastic. I'm still waiting for something new, though.