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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Laura Burhenn doesn't live here anymore

Title Tracks
w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars and Sinta
May 28, 2009 at Black Cat
by DCRC Senior Youth Correspondent, Andrew

John Davis' new project, Title Tracks, took the stage at the Black Cat around 11pm on Thursday night. Davis' previous work includes playing drums in the Dischord dance-punk band Q and Not U as well as co-writing songs with Laura Burhenn for the pop duo Georgie James whose break up preceed the start of Title Tracks. Davis writes and performs all of the music on the upcoming full length (label TBD). The live band, which features ex-Georgie James members Andrew Black and Michael Cotterman as well as Merideth Munoz from noteworthy DC band Pash, appears on the two song single out now on Dischord Records.
Title Tracks is the first time Davis has exerted total artistic control over his band's music--as opposed to Georgie James where he worked with another songwriter. The new songs draw from both the more jagged edges of Q and Not U as well as the softer pop sensibilities of Georgie James. The result is expertly crafted power pop that recalls The Jam and The Byrds. Of the nine or so songs in the set many were upbeat anthems with driving choruses reminiscent of Ted Leo on Hearts of Oak. One or two songs forayed into a slower, more pensive area with spare arrangements of striclty organ and drums. The band was very tight on stage, no surprise given the rhythm section's time spent supporting Davis' in Georgie James. Highlights included "Found Out", "Every Little Bit Hurts" (the two songs on the debut single) and the lilting "Hello There."
On one hand I was sad to see Georgie James go, but the set last night really got me pumped for the future of Title Tracks. If you get a chance, check out Davis' radio show on WOXY, he spins some quality tunes. Look out for a full length record from Title Tracks as well as more shows this summer.
Crowd spotting: Justin Moyer (aka Edie Sedgwick, aka J-Mo) of Supersystem and Antelope, the singer from all girl DC punk band Partyline, Potsy.


Jimbromski said...

nice work by S.Y.C. Andrew. Did you think of the title yourself?

Especially appreciated the non-use of Tweets.

Jumbo Slice said...

I need to see Title Tracks live. The songs are far better than what Georgie James put out (and that wasn't bad at all).

Overall, another good review from Andrew. It good have used a few twitter comments though. Just sayin'.