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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Favorite Band (this week)

Inspired by Potsy's un-Rock Club like consistency with YouTubesDay, I've decided to start my own weekly feature: My Favorite Band (this week). Once a week, from now until eternity, I'll post the one band I'm currently infatuated with. I tend to listen to entire albums rather than playlists or the radio. Don't expect any one hit wonders to be featured. You have to release an album that tingles my balls to get the honor of My Favorite Band (this week). So who is our first lucky band? Let me introduce you to An Horse.

This grammatically challenged duo hails from the land of Crocodile Dundee and Yahoo Serious: Australia. The band consists of Kate Cooper (guitar) and Damon Cox (drums). Their debut album, Rearrange Beds, is out now. Take a listen:

If you like what you hear, you can catch An Horse with Telekinesis at the Black Cat Backstage on June 17th.

So, how did they get that name? As the story goes, "A friend once gave Kate a sweater with An Horse written on it because he thought it was grammatically correct. It wasn’t and that was quite a long time ago but Kate still wears the sweater. She hasn’t grown in years."

Ed. Note: After I posted this An Horse released the video for their first single, "Camp Out". Potsy thinks Kate looks like Ellen DeGeneres but in this video she looks like Britt Daniel's little sister to me. Judge for yourself:


Anonymous said...

I love this idea. It reminds me of your top 10 songs of all time (right now) from fearOfPants.com


I like that song too.


Potsy said...

Ellen Degeneres has a band.

Potsy said...

It's about time someone else committed to a post-a-week. Let's see if you can make it thru June...