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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good good good, [Deep] vibration...

4 band bill @ DC9

sacklunch and I had a nice visit to DC9 on Tuesday. We met Steve from Babystew.com and he turned out to be a good dude with lots of brains about the muzic. He curated the night's show which ambitiously brought out 4 bands to DC9 - starting with Motel Motel, whom we nearly missed completely. We caught their last song, and it sounded...unobjectionable (the sample size was too small to really have an opinion).

Next up was Roman Candle, which I thought sounded a little bit like the Rolling Stones covering Wilco tunes. I think they'd do particularly well in gooey middle America. Also, the lead singer looked a lot like Rick Schroeder. sacklunch thought he looked like Chip Chanko. Same thing.

But the highlight of the night (no offense to head liners Tereu Tereu) were The Deep Vibration. Rock. Solid. A little bit 70s, lots of stage presence. Nothing necessarily new, I tended to like the more blues influenced tunes, but a good performance. See below:


Jumbo Slice said...

Nice job by Steve putting the show together. We should team up with BabyStew.com and curate a future show. We've talked about it for a while. The time has come. Maybe we'll coordinate it with a certain store opening (code name: Black Rabbit).

Steve said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellas.

A store opening with a code name involving "rabbit". Given the normal topics of discussion around here, I'm assuming that means one of you guys is opening a sex toy store? [rimshot]

And, yeah, The Deep Vibration are awesome. If you haven't heard it, be sure to download the Lounge Act session they did for WOXY. It's what turned me onto the band a few months ago.

Steve said...

Oh, and I kinda thought the lead singer of Roman Candle looked a bit like Martin Royle, myself.

Royle vs. Roman Candle dude