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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Never trust a big butt and smile

Last Saturday night I excelled in my first Corn Hole-ing. Yeah. I thought I stumbled into something I wasn't ready for, but as it turns out (thankfully), this version of corn hole-ing is a bean bag game - in the same vein as horse shoes. I love house parties, and this game was being sponsored by some 20-somethings in Woodley Park hosting a KY Derby party. In my first warm up toss, I holed it (not official corn hole-ing slang, mind you). So I was feeling pretty good about myself. But within 10 minutes of play, my opponent Emma Peel managed to drain it. Again, not official slang, as I mean that she literally drained it by tossing the bean bag down the sewer drain in the back alley where we were playing.

Other highlights from this party included a pinata (no doubt a nod to today's Cinco de Mayo celebrations). Best candy in the world (TakeFive) was featured inside, so I was pleased to see it hit the ground. And finally, while chatting up some of Emma Peels colleagues, I experienced an intense burning sensation. Again, it wasn't that kind of corn hole-ing...and the burning was coming from my front shoulder. And then the back of my shoulder. Turns out, I had a wasp in my shirt, and 5 stings later, I manage to un-shirt myself to free the bee.

And that brings me to today's youtube post. I'm full of wasp poison, and I've had this song stuck in my head since Saturday night.


Jumbo Slice said...

With the passing of two acting giants (stature not skill), Bea Arthur and Dom DeLuise, I thought you'd do a tribute to them. Perhaps a clip from their infamous sex tape (speaking of cornholing). Now enjoy some outtakes from Cannonball Run:


Potsy said...

nah. I've been in sunny San Diego. No need to darken things with posts about Bea and Dom. I was reminded that DeLuise used to do ziplock commercials too. Did anyone else think he was already dead?