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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Case Closed

Neko Case @ 9:30 Club Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 $30?

If you were really interested in how this show went down, you'd have gone somewhere else for a more timely review. But like most of the other things I write on this space, this is more for my own benefit and failing recall than anything else.

Having sacrificed the Brian Jonestown Massacre (with Joel!) in favor of a lop-sided NCAA championship game, and having settled for yet another viewing of the best worst movie ever made - rather than making it out for a night of music - this week's (make that last week's) Rock Club adventure featured the musical stylings of neuvo pornographer, Neko Case.

I have seen Neko Case once before, at Austin City Limits. Allow myself to quoth myself:

I will say, however, that Neko Case is the kind of artist that would be good to see whilst on a date with a young lady. Upright spooning could ensue.
Funny to read that now, as I was actually on a date of sorts this time around, though no upright spooning ensued. Ironically, it was my lack of an actual spoon earlier in the evening that was instrumental in the date debacle. So let's just say that I enjoyed the Neko Case Experience [on my own]- just me and Neko (and the other lady who sings and talks a lot on stage).

I have previously compared Neko Case to the Indigo Girls with super fans reacting as though I poured rubbing alcohol in their eyes. I'm just saying that there is that midwestern - country sound that sticks out for me, and there was plenty of it evidenced in the show on Wednesday. Lots of tunes about animals and the environment with a sample of her frog noises - "Marais la Nuit" - to open the set. Images projected in the background of whales and tigers and the like, and a giant owl head keeping a watchful eye over the edge of the staging highlighted this meme and was the part I could have lived without.

That said, Neko Case's voice makes everything okay - even when there's no upright spooning. "Deep Red Bells" was one of the few tracks that I truly recognized, and it was delivered in such a way that it haunts me days later. I didn't care for the tracks that she described as spooky, but she kept my attention the whole night through. I look forward to hearing her play some summer evening at Wolf Trap 15 years from now. I can't say the same about the Indigo Girls.

Things I learned from this concert:
  1. Neko Case was born in Alexandria, VA. She didn't mention this, but I looked it up after the show.
  2. Neko Case is tight with the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.
  3. CVS is not the same as 7-eleven.


Super Zoe said...

I like Neko Case! She is interesting to listen to, but relaxing.

Tell more about the date part. That sounds interesting!

Jumbo Slice said...

The people have spoken Potsy. You must dish on the date. Wait, did I just use dish as a verb? Sorry.

I've listened to her solo albums but prefer her songs with The New Pornographers. And what's up with the Education of Secretary introducing Case? I was going to rip DC for mixing music and politics but I'm going to a Spoon show next week that's benefiting the Texas Democrats.

potsy's date said...

There's nothing to report. Potsy wouldn't put out.

Jimbromski said...

use more roofies next time

jp23 said...

What does CVS and 7-11 have to do with Neko??

Potsy said...

CVS and 7-Eleven likely have nothing to do with Neko, Jared. But if it weren't for my night out to see Ms. Case, I might not have stumbled upon that rather obvious conclusion.

Don't expect a spoon when you buy yer ice cream at the CVS. That's not how it goes. Likewise, don't expect drug interaction info when you buy yer pills at the 7-eleven, neither. Same principle.

Super Zoe said...

I do not appreciate when someone dangles a juicy dating story and does not elaborate. I think that violates some sort of blogging code. It's hard to piece the story together when my clues involve only spoons and ice cream.

Potsy said...

you've got cause, Super Zoe. And you're right, I'm totally not living up to my end here. But have you ever said something that you can't take back, but you're better off not bringing up again? This is one of those moments. Let's just say I'm an ass that acted like a 3 year old before and during the Neko Case show. My lovely date deserved better - but let's not discuss this again for at least 3 months.

Super Zoe said...

Okay. I understand.

(That means you're emailing me the story, right?!)