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Monday, April 20, 2009

The drug of the nation

I've been watching TV tonight. This is what I've learned:

1. Access Hollywood is informative. Believe it.
2. The casts of Knots Landing, Home Improvement, Magnum P.I., Married With Children and M.A.S.H. have recently reunited (for some awards show thing - dunno). And with the exception of Selleck, all look horrible. As the # of HDTV viewers increases, I'll bet we see people over 40 pushed off screen quickly. I'm talking about you Mary Hart.
Also, Alan Alda gave this awkward kiss to Loretta Swit at whatever old-timers-day thing they were at:
3. Miss California lost her shot as Miss USA (and therefore her chance to compete against all the other galactic Misses). The actual Miss USA winner didn't sound much smarter. "I'm gonna be famous!" No, Miss CA is going to be famous...so famous she's infamous.
4. I should tivo Pardon The Interruption (PTI) on ESPN. It merits disk space. Tonight, Kornheiser spouted off about my/our Binghamton Colonials again.
5. The Washington Nationals wore jerseys with their names spelled wrong this weekend (I was in Boston- so I missed this bit of local amusement). 1 and 10?
6. I saw the end of a Seinfeld episode I haven't seen in over a decade. The Nose Job episode isn't a lost treasure, but as I flipped by, the penis v. brain chess match was underway. I forgot how ridiculous Seinfeld looks in this.
7. G4 - the gaming network - celebrates 420. I forget what they were showing when I flipped by, but I remember it being good.
8. Access Hollywood's website had an article on Capitol/EMI's re-release of 3 Radiohead albums, with lots of bonus stuff. I'm not sure how I ended up at the AH website, and while I thank Access Hollywood for informing me of this, that news is over a month old already.
9. I surprised myself by watching the NBA tonight. The NHL too.
10. Disney is promoting its new movie Earth as being better than March of the Penguins. Balls. MOTP won the Academy Award in 2005. Show the bird some respect, mouse.
11. The band Live played the Birchmere last night. I liked their Mental Jewelry album. Apparently they have a new single entitled "Forever," which is impossible to search for online. Oasis owns that space.

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