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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hare brained

White Rabbits w/ The Subjects @ the RnRH - Tuesday, June 2nd - $14

Nearly a year ago to the date, DCRC embarked on one of our more ambitious endeavors, two shows at two venues in one night. Sometimes we fail to make it out of my living room, so trust me, this was big. We ventured out to see the White Rabbits and These New Puritans that night, and this past Tuesday, we went back for another helping of rabbit.

When Twitter's 140 characters are replaced by one word micro-blogging, the word for White Rabbits will be percussion. They showed this a year ago, and did one better this time around by having all but one member take a turn banging on the drums. We at DCRC are generally pro-multi-membranophoners. DC locals, Imperial China do this from time to time, but I don't think they execute all that well. Certainly not as well as the White Rabbits do. It's no wonder where the WRs came up with the title of their single, Percussion Gun.

Speaking of titles, as Jumbo Slice mentioned last month, White Rabbits have a new album called It's Frightening. I haven't heard it. But I was surprised by the title. I've already shared my thoughts on the proliferation of bands with the word "black" in their title. And there's been a wave of animal related bands that have been touring lately (you have your Animal Collective, Deer Tick, Deerhoof, Cat Power, Bat for Lashes, Fleet Foxes, Ponys, etc). I know this is nothing new. But White Rabbits already share some space with another rabbit themed band. So to come out with an album called It's Frightening when there's a band called Frightened Rabbit out there doesn't make sense to me. You're bound to confuse someone as easily confused as myself.

Here's a peek into White (unfrightened) Rabbits from Tuesday night.

Brooklyn, New York's The Subjects opened for WR on Tuesday. They were decent. I honestly didn't pay enough attention to them as I should have, but one look at their website makes me like them more. They seem to have a good sense of humor (they've posted a Maury Povich show video). Also, the members of The Subjects seem to have something in their contract that says each of them will sing in at least one song. Here's another clip.


Jumbo Slice said...

Seeing the White Rabbits video has me pumped for their Austin show. Both their albums are really good and don't get me started on the whole multi-percussionists thing. I'm ghey for that shit.

Interesting factoid about The Subjects: they met in high school. Two were students and two were teachers. I think the older dudes saw the kids talent and hitched their wagons to them for one last shot at rock glory. Seems a fair exchange for buying them beer and smokes.

sacklunch said...

Good, solid show. Some odds and ends from the evening:

-The fries at Granville Moore's are top notch.
-There was a funny meathead type dude dancing next to me during The Subjects. He kind of reminded me of the G.I. dancing in the Bon Jovi "Bad Medicine" video.
-If you have spot in the front of the room at the RNR Hotel, stay put. I got stuck in the back for White Rabbits and couldn't see shit.
-The new-ish bartnder at the RNR Hotel is kind of dooshy. Lots of hand clapping and fist pumping. Pretty lame. I think Malitz made the comment that he thought he was in the movie "Cocktail".
-When cute girls are present, Sacklunch should keep his mouth shut. Chickenfoot? What was I thinking?

Potsy said...

yeah. that was a major league cock block. You might as well have been talking about Buffett or DMB.

But that girl was into Ben Folds & Keane and thought Coldplay was sh*t. I dunno think it was the future Mrs. Malitz.

sacklunch said...

C'mon, Chickenfoot are way cooler than DMB or Buffett. They are also a new up and coming supergroup. (Sammy Hagar, Mike Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith)

Also, I think that chick was into opium. I am not sure whether that is a good or bad thing....

Jumbo Slice said...

I wouldn't describe anything with Sammy Hager as "super".

sacklunch said...

It's Hagar, with an "a",you fucking jackass.

Jumbo Slice said...

This from someone who uses words like "bartnder" and "brillant".

sacklunch said...

Well played, sir.

However, you are comparing the spelling of a legendary rock god to the spelling of some random words. Apples and oranges, Jumbo. Apples and oranges...

Jumbo Slice said...

I can see DLR as a "legendary rock god" but that seems a little too much praise for Mr. Cabo Wabo Tequila. Hagar's not the hard rock version of Jimmy Buffett yet but he has the potential.

Okay, maybe that's too harsh. He had some good tunes with VH.

Jimbromski said...

only time will tell if he stands the test of time