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Friday, October 26, 2007

DAM!, I Forgot What Happened (RNR Hotel 10/11)

A few weeks ago, 3/4 of RC attended a show at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Here is what I can recall:

1. This show was part of the DAM Festival, a lackluster indie music showcase for Washington DC. Being supporters of the local scene, we thought we would make an appearance at one of the shows.

2. The 1st band (Via Audio) was playing when we arrived. There were like 12 people watching them play. It was awkward.

3. The 2nd band was Slaraffenland. They are from either Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland. They have a tall and skinny lead singer. They all wore the same shirts. They were okay. There were now like 22 people in the room.

4. Jumboslice likes to hang out by the "merch" and chat up the salespeople. He was so entranced by the Scandanavian music he bought the CD. He made us suffer through it on the ride home. He also bought a pink T-Shirt at the Dan Deacon show, yet he stills clings to his hetrosexuality.

5. A Place to Bury Strangers was the next band. There were no approximately 34 people in the room. They were loud. Jumboslice offered me some earplugs. I declined, saying earplugs are for pussies who buy pink Dan Deacon t-shirts. The band was decent, but I had enough after a few songs and went upstairs to read the paper. I was the only one up there.

6. We left before the Big Sleep (who we had seen already, opening for someone?) and Dirty on Purpose. Once again, I missed seeing my doppleganger. I am sure the venue filled to capacity as soon as we left. The DAM festival needs some work.

7. RC Rating: 5.0


Jumbo Slice said...

Slaraffenland put on a good live show. I liked the myriad of instruments and the multiple singers. They had a "Vere from Denmark, isn't that veird?" feel. You know what I mean.

Too bad the album kinda blows. I like two songs. The rest is a bunch of yelping and whooping over screeching horns and bizarre percussions. Sounds great, huh?

Potsy said...

You couldn't swing the video link I sent you? Or the photo? C'mon. How about the spell check?