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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jumbo Slice of Shame

As Sacklunch mentioned in his underappreciated review of the DAM! Fest, I bought a hot pick t-shirt while at the Dan Deacon/Girl Talk show. Exhibit A:

This brings up the obvious question: WHY? I'm still trying to sort it out. After seeing them play at the Pitchfork Festival I was a little too excited for the show. While we were Potsy's before prior to the concert I mentioned my intent to buy a t-shirt. It'd had been a while and I figure they'd have some cool options. Uh, not so much.

At first glance it looked red b/c the club was so dark. However, when Dan Deacon handed it to me I saw it was pink and I still bought it. I guess I didn't want to be a dick and give it back: "Sorry Mr. Deacon, but I'm not a doosh so I can't buy this shirt". Plus, I figured if anyone in Rock Club could get away wearing a pink shirt, it was me. Wrong again. None of us should wear hot pink shirts.

My wife once described my fashion sense as "big kid chic". That was her kind way of saying I don't wear age appropriate clothing. It was this realization that caused me to stop buying indie rock t-shirts in the first place. I backtracked and now I'm stuck with a shirt I'll probably never wear. I'm only keeping the shirt in case we have another stupid argument and we need an appropriate punishment for the loser. Having to wear my Dan Deacon shirt to a Rock Club event would be a proper penance for the loser. Pair it with a fanny pack and you'll be quite the little hipster.

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Potsy said...

Wow. You've exposed your weak underbelly to the world. Foolish.

Big kid chic (Bkc). People buy that kinda shit in NYC.