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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Charming Night with the Eagles of Death Metal

Eagles of Death Metal - Ram's Head Live - 8/8/09 - $24

We got the band back together this past weekend as our Austin pioneer, Jumbo Slice returned with Mrs. Slice and Tiny Slice for a visit. Our DCRC mission: twofold. First, we sought to verify sacklunch's report from November of 2008 which was highly favorable of EODM. Second, we had never been to Baltimore's Ram's Head Live, and it was therefore as good a time as any to venture into new territory.

Quite honestly, if you go back and read sacklunch's post from November, he captures the EODM experience with aplomb. Apparently, they know a good act when they put one together and don't stray too far from it. I have no problem with that. Unless the banter is identical and the band tells each crowd that "I love coming to [insert city]. You [citizens of city] know how to rock!" Anyhow, yes the EODM played an inspired set, and yes Jesse Hughes has a mustache and bassist Brian O'Connor looks like a cross between Bill Wyman and Richard Kiel, but let's cover some other topics.

First new topic: Cat fights.

I've been watching the Wire these days, and I've come to understand that Baltimore is tough. That was evidenced by the cat fight that I witnessed stage left - right in front of Brian O'Connor - on Saturday night. A poor man's Paris Hilton (complete with a pair of revolver tats on her shoulder blades) got into it with some unfortunate lass who looked to be a recent Towson graduate. There was some shoving, pushing, twisting about, and finally mad grabs for hair with accompanying grunts and shrieks. The Paris Hilton chick had a group of rough looking ladies by her side, and easily out muscled her suburban opponent. I don't remember the last time I saw a cat fight go down at a show. Maybe more trips to Baltimore means more cat fights.

Next new topic: Ram's Head Live.

A spin off of Annapolis's Ram's Head, Ram's Head Live (RHL) is nestled into Baltimore's Inner Harbor Power Plant Live. When I think of doing anything in Baltimore, with the exception of seeing baseball, I expect it to be old, dirty, and somewhat life-threatening. This includes our trip to Night Shift some years ago. But this place is not old, not dirty, and the intense air conditioning is probably the biggest threat to your well-being at RHL.

It was said a number of times and a number of ways the other night, but walking into RHL is like finding your way into a big new movie theater for the first time. You don't know where anything is, it feels cleaner and more sterile than you'd expect, and it's freezing cold. Did I mention that yet? RHL is big, with three tiers and balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floor with lots and lots of bars. The bar off the stage where I stood was basically empty all night long. Not a good place to make a living, if you ask me.

According to wikipedia, however, in an interview with Pitchfork, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, named Rams Head Live! as one of his "favorite new venues," saying that "they treated us really good and it was really cool."

Next topic: Pit beef.

sacklunch doesn't post often, because he's too busy doing research on where he can get his next meal. Post EODM concert Saturday saw sack driving us through Hamsterdam on our way to CHAPS. Conveniently located in between Gentlemen's Gold Club and a XXX Book Store, we stopped for a roast beef sandwich. I had fries and a root beer as well. It was indeed very good.

Last topic: The tie-in.

Supergroups make for endless conversation for us at DCRC. Besides sacklunch's fascination with Chickenfoot, we were recently discussing the newly formed supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures, which features Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, Alain Johannes, and the aforementioned RHL lover, Josh Homme. Josh Homme, while not present Saturday, is also a founding member of the EODM. How 'bout that.


Jumbo Slice said...

Charm City is indeed an odd place. Lots of black shirts, baseball caps, and jean shorts (and not the hipster kind). Also, a number of people taking their fashion cues from Good Charlotte.

Rams Head Live was Disney-esque. The TGI Fridays of rock venues as Sacklunch said. Despite the sterile feel EODM put on an entertaining show. The set was screaming for a cover so I was happy with Taking Car of Business. However, I agree there were better options. The crowd like it though so I guess it fulfilled its purpose.

Overall, good road trip.

Potsy said...

I failed to mention anything about the opening act, which was quite a treat in its own right. "This band is not on MySpace, Facebook," etc, because "it is a live Rock and Roll band." That and the fact that the lead singer dude might be the dad of at least one of the other bandmates and too old to work a computer. He looked rather ridiculous up there after a while. They were okay for one song, but the 5 foot 2 inch middle-aged singer with his denim vest (bedazzled with patches) and odd gesturing started making me uncomfortable.

Jumbo Slice said...

The singer in the opening band was pretty funny. He was balding and fat as fuck but that didn't stop him from bouncing around the stage like he was Brett Michaels. He kept having pull his pants up with both hands - classic fat guy move.

I'm going to find out the name of that band. I've search for them on Google but true to his word they have no internet presence.

Jumbo Slice said...

I found the name of the band: The Rude and The Reckless.

They have no web site or anything. The guy seemed pretty proud of that fact but to me it seems asinine.

Potsy said...

I will call them "Old Dude Likes His Breakfast."

Gotta love the two-handed pant-hike.

sacklunch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sacklunch said...

There was all kinds of weird shit going on at this show. I think Jimbromski had some story about a guy taking a shit in the doorless stall of the men's room. Disgusting.

I went into the same bathroom after the show ended and there where 2 dudes sharing a urinal next to me. I mean, I could understand if it was a 'trough' style urinal, but this was just a regular urinal. Fucking weird.

There was also this annoying as shit guy standing next to me on the balcony for the 2nd half of the show. He was a pretty wasted preppie guy. He kept yelling "EAGLES GOD!!!", but it sounded like he was saying "EAGLES GAAAAHHHHH!". Dude, shut the fuck up. Seriously, he must have yelled that like 50 times.

Rams Head Live, been there, done that. I have no need to ever go back. Unless, of course, The Rude and The Reckless are putting on another gig.

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