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Monday, April 26, 2010

Farewell, til you know me well Girlfriend

Phoenix @ DAR Constitution Hall - Monday, April 26th ~$50

Move over Undercover Slut, Phoenix is the crème de la brûlée. First it was the kissing, then the fries, and now we have Sarkozy eating at Ben's Chili Bowl and Phoenix rocking us...? Next they'll be making enemies with the muslim world. The French. They so want to be American.

They were practically giving tickets to Phoenix away on craigslist this afternoon, so it was back to DAR tonight. DAR still sucks, but Phoenix is big enough to fill the aircraft-hanger of a music hall. They not only shrink the venue with their massive sound, but with their stage presence too.

Here's the difference between Vampire Weekend @DAR and Phoenix @DAR: everyone stands for Phoenix. I think it's deserved. They opened with Lisztomania, got everybody up and were relentless with the catchy pop rock for the duration. Thomas Mars seemed to be looking for every possible emergency exit in the place tonight. I thought he was going to commandeer a spot light and get all Bono at one point.

Great show, check out the second part of the clip where half the audience plays rock band.


sacklunch said...

It looks like a Dismemberment Plan show.
I am surprised they let all those people on the stage at DAR, as I am sure there were a bunch of lawyers having liability freakouts.

Potsy said...

I'm sure the DAR folks wouldn't say they let it happen. There was only one security dude at the front of the stage. He had been handling the rather obedient crowd all night pretty easily before this.

DC Concierge said...

I usually hate seeing shows at DAR but this one looks soooooo fun! :( Last time they came through I sweat it out packed in like sardines at RnR Hotel. Why can't we have the the 9:30 Club happy medium?
Thanks for posting!!

Steve said...

Can't believe they went from RnR Hotel to DAR in the space of a year. Seems like a fun show, though can't say they've ever really done much for me.

sacklunch said...

How about MGMT going from openers (for Yeasayer) at the BC Backstage to headlining at Merriweather in the course of 18 months or so. That I don't get.

Potsy said...

Yeah, that's a leap. Seems kinda risky. Like throwing a AAA pitcher into the big league rotation before he's ready. Probably all about the profit margin. Who was it that was playing DC9 last year after having headlined at the 9:30 two years before? CYHSY. 2006 featured on NPR All Songs, played the 9:30. 2008, playing DC9.