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Friday, May 29, 2009


Cymbals Eat Guitars w/Sinta @ The Black Cat Backstage - Thursday, May 28 - $10

The 28th of May is my mom's birthday, which has nothing to do with the show that I saw last night, but I think it's worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning is my approach to DCRC. Rock Club, at its core, is about seeing live music. So the performance is really what I focus on. This is important as I consider last night's show put on by Cymbals Eat Guitars (CEG, henceforth).

I credit my acquaintance with CEG to WOXY, as they tend to play tracks like Cold Spring, from time to time. So I was happy for the chance to check CEG out in person at my neighborhood bar. Now this is where my Rock Club criteria comes in. I don't have any CEG tracks on my iPod, so I'm just a casual listener. But I was disappointed by their show at the Black Cat for the following reasons:

  1. clumsy and sloppy - this works for a number of bands (many of whom I enjoyed in the 90s), but it didn't work for CEG last night. To me, they just sounded amateurish - like they needed a lot more time at band practice.
  2. bad banter - people are paying for the privilege to listen to you play your music. Be somewhat professional and don't try to sell them something additional before you've proved yourself. One of the first things out of CEG's mouth (other than lyrics) was a plug for their merchandise. A little presumptuous if you ask me. Although maybe it was a veiled hint that their songs are worth listening to on record (but not live). I'd buy that.
  3. winter hat - I stepped out of the show to take a call from Emma Peel and when I returned, lead singer Joseph Ferocious had donned a hat. The kind you wear when it's cold (it wasn't cold). Maybe he thinks he performs better while wearing a hat? I was hoping that, anyway.
  4. joseph ferocious - ? Okay this has nothing to do with their performance. And I guess everyone's allowed to brand him or herself however they like. But while Joseph D'Agostino brought a lot of energy to his vocals, Ferocious is setting the bar kinda high.
  5. Sinta - this was the opening act at the Black Cat Backstage Thursday night. And I thought they were twice as nice as CEG. They were a bit loose in places, too, but they made it work for me.
More about Sinta via my Tweets:
Icon_lockSinta at Black Cat Backstage. This band doing a lot of things right.Icon_lock"Last Song"...poppy and good.Icon_lockI'd put Sinta up against a number of headliners we've seen.Icon_lockCute chick singer. Rocking vocals.

Next time these high schoolers play your favorite club, check them out. They were impressive. I'll admit that I had an American Beauty moment while watching them perform.

Senior Youth Correspondent Andrew will cover the headliner of the night, Title Tracks, in a forthcoming post...


Jimbromski said...

I thought these guys would deliver the goods, I like what I've heard of them on the wireless

Jumbo Slice said...

As they say in sports, "That's why you play the game." After listening to the songs I was surprised at the poor performance. I was following the reactions of you, Steve, and Malitz on Twitter. All three of you were dogging CEG.

BTW, this killed me: "I'll admit that I had an American Beauty moment while watching them perform." Very funny.

Jumbo Slice said...

I forgot to comment on the whole wool cap thing. That's a major pet peeve of mine. When the dude from Fleet Foxes wore one the entire show even though it was 85 degrees here in Austin, I wanted to rush the stage and rip it off his head.

The labels need to sit down with young bands prior to them touring. Show them a picture of the Spin Doctors singer and ask, "Do you want to be like this doosh? No? I didn't think so. Then lose the wool cap. Okay, good talk. Enjoy the tour."