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Friday, June 22, 2007

Coronary Country


I need to give full credit to Jimbromski for the headline. I can't resist using a Seinfeld reference. Also, I apologize to Potsy for not using the cameraphone video he took at the show, unfortunately the quality was quite poor and I didn't want it to dilute our otherwise perfect website. I prefer the courtroom-style artist rendering of the band seen above.


I will readily admit that i had the Heartless Bastards 2 discs in heavy rotation prior to the show and I quite enjoy them. I enjoy the blues rock sound and I am a known fan of fictional band "Blueshammer". I also like a female lead (i.e. Sleater-Kinney, Long Blondes, Cher...). Anyway, I had relatively high expectations for the show and fully expected them to bring the noise. And you know how I feel about the RNR Hotel, it is currently my favorite for DC music venues.


I was able to catch a little of opener Earl Greyhound after our unfortunate delay at Argonaut Tavern. Good sandwich and beer, but our server was straight out of Melwood. At least we got some stuff for free. EG was pretty good in a classic rock sense. Heavy guitar and bass, hippie lead singer, Jackie Brown/70's throwback bass player. Whats not to like. I felt like I was at a Triumph show circa 1974.

The Heartless Bastards came on pretty late and I was a bit underwhelmed at first. The music was pretty good, I guess I just wanted a bit more energy from the band. The Billy Corgan/Potsy blend of a bass player barely moved and kept his eyes shut the entire show. I think the nickname we gave the drummer was "Carl" and he looked like he could be working at your local Blockbuster recommending Pan's Labyrinth to clueless patrons. He did however play a pretty mean kit. Like I said, I enjoyed the music for the most part, but the show was just missing a little something. I guess I needed a bit more energy. The lead also wasnt much of a looker.


Since it has been over a week since the show, I can now look back and analyze my intial thoughts. I knocked them for not having much personality on stage, however sometimes that is a good thing. In the past week we saw Illinois, a band with potential and good music, unfortunately ruined by an annoying lead. Sometimes its just good to stick to the music like the Heartless Bastards did last week. It a fine line between boring and annoying, and I think the HB did a fine job of doing what they do best. All in all, a good night out and a solid B in my book, which can also be translated into a RC rating of 6.7. Oh, it was also good to see Thom.


sacklunch said...

Whats up with the spacing? It wasnt like that when I typed it and for some reason I cant edit it. WTF?

Jumbo Slice said...

Not sure what was up with the spacing. I was able to go in and fix it up though. Rock Club I.T. Dept comes through again.

You make a great point about bands trying too hard. I was overly impressed w/ the HB, but I'd rather they be understated than act like the guy from Illinois.

Jimbromski said...

For all who are curious, I thought of that title and texted it to him during the show b/c I was afraid I'd forget. Thanks for using it.

Melwood, very funny. Also I just watched Pan's Labyrinth last night, what a fucking bummer of a movie that was. Poor girl. To paraphrase Jake Blues: "Spanish Nazis? I hate Spanish Nazis."

Potsy said...

Three things:
1. My video wasn't poor quality. The audio was poor quality. I shot the video on my super rad Canon 6.0 mega pixel digital camera, not a cell phone. My cell phone is not super rad.

2. Why I am mentioned with the bassist? Are you suggesting we someone how look alike? What is it?

3. I liked Pans Labyrinth. I didn't find it at all sad, in fact, I thought it was magically delicious. Carl makes good picks.