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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Liar, Liar, Underpants on Fire

"Isn't simultaneous masturbation the best?"

We're a lot like a family here at DC Rock Club. As the years go by we get together less and less, we argue more, and we all secretly can't stand one particular member. Oh, and I'm guessing Potsy would add: you don't want them crashing at your place if you can avoid it. I bring this up because, like many families during the holidays, Rock Club had a little reunion last week. I flew in from Austin for the week which allowed us to catch the Deleted Scenes show on Thursday night.

Jimbromski and I met at Potsy's for the usual pre-show ritual. It included: assorted beers (though Jimbromski was feeling Merry so he opted for the Bailey's), glimpses of satellite porn, malapropisms (me referring to Samuel Jackson as Sammy Davis, Jr.), a discussion of the year's best albums and concerts, etc. Sacklunch was busy managing the Keebler elves so he met us at the Black Cat. Kudos to Sack for making it out. I would've gone straight to bed had I been working 12-14 hour days for weeks on end. It's not easy producing sweets for the Gentile masses.

We skipped all the opening bands, opting instead to hang in the Red Room and drink. After chatting for while, a guy came up and said hi to me. I responded with a totally blank face. I had no clue who he was until he said his name. We went to college together and it'd been at least 10 years since I'd seen him. One reason I was so caught off guard was his hair. In college he always had very short hair and now it's a more grown out. When I see people I went to school with I expect them to resemble Rock Club - big paunch, receding hair, and an ever increasing amount of back fat.

[Side Note: I forgot the effect Red Room Ale has on me. It gives me horrible gas. I was crop dusting the Backstage the entire show. To the girl behind me, I apologize]

On to the band of the evening: Deleted Scenes. This band confounds me. Prepping for the show, I listened to their EP and some songs off their new album, Birdseed Shirt. For the most part, I really like what I heard. They're one of the best bands in DC (which, sadly, isn't the compliment it once was). The problem is that it's very hard putting a finger on the music. They don't make it easy for lazy reviewers like me to list a few song titles, name three bands they resemble and call it a review. Fuckers. Their songs varied quite a bit during the set and my reactions were almost as varied. Some of the more earnest songs were beautifully delivered but one of them came off as especially wimpy ("Take My Life"? I can't remember). I should clarify before I give the impression their broad sound was a complete turn off. I respect a band that writes, sings, and plays what they please. These guys aren't going for a particular sound or a certain niche of indie rock. They're creative and musically adventurous (whereas I'm creative and adventurous sexually). The results can be hit or miss with such a daring approach to music. In the case of Deleted Scenes though, there are more hits than misses. Songs like "Ithaca" (reminds me of that Road Trip movie), "Turn To Sand", and "Birdseed Shirt" were my favorites but the one song all of Rock Club could agree on was "Get Your Shit Together for the Holidays". It should be required listening before any Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering.

I didn't drawn any major conclusions on the band after seeing them perform. All I can say is I find Deleted Scenes intriguing. I downloaded their new album yesterday and I've already listened to it at 5 or 6 times. Songs I initially dismissed as weak now show impressive depth. There were quite a few subtleties I overlooked on the first listen. I don't know if I'll ever "get" the Deleted Scenes sound but it certainly makes me curious to see them again. Fortunately for me, they come to Austin next month.

While it's important to recount the show, we must move on to the pivotal event of the night. While walking back to Potsy's we came upon a burning pair of boxer shorts. Has that ever happened to you? Didn't think so. The oddest part was they'd just been lit. I couldn't tell if they'd been pitched out a window or if someone lit them and ran before we walked up. Either way, it caught us off guard. Why was someone burning underpants on a DC sidewalk late last Thursday night? Rock Club demands to know. Here's the video that Jimbromski sent to CNN:

We're still waiting for CNN to broadcast the clip. Not surprisingly, the Media Conspiracy is working to bury our groundbreaking video. The truth behind the burning boxers is out there and we intend to find it.


John Foster said...

I'm not that bummed about missing you guys but I can't believe I missed the burning boxers - fuck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has DC Rock Club gone Homo?