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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hey Jealousy

Oh, hi Tuesday.

Here's a preview of this week's Rock Club outing, courtesy of spectaculous YouTube. Today we feature a video for "How Now" by Brooklyn's The Jealous Girlfriends. TJG are openers for The Delta Spirit and Nada Surf (headliners) this Friday at the 9:30 Club. When did the 9:30 Club change its website, btw? It's all...new...and whatnot.

Space suits? Excellent.
NYC? Excellent.
Any other ideas? Not really, no.


Jumbo Slice said...

I like that song. The guys voice reminds me of another band and I can't think of it. It's driving me nuts. Possibly The Killers but I'm not sure what song.

Friday's triple bill looks pretty good. I think each band has the potential to steal the show. I doubt any will stink of the joint.

Jimbromski said...

man, I just got that "oh, hi Tuesday." nice.

Potsy said...

I'm glad someone is paying attention.

Potsy said...

also, what country did you emigrate from, jumbo slice? I believe the phrase you were looking for is: "stink UP the joint." Or were you were suggesting that none of the bands were going to smell of marijuana?

Anonymous said...

Moving on...I need to address a serious issue I have with Rock Club as of late, and that's the lack of Jimbromski posts. Perhaps this is an intentional tease, like when a band heads off stage and waits 5 minutes before the encore? Do us all a favor and rejoin the band. Or at least release a greatest hits collection. I need more Jimbromski, and I need it now.

Emma Peel