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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Done On Purpose

One of my favorite wuss-rock bands (and I have many) is calling it quits. Dirty On Purpose just announced they're breaking up. Why? "We got back from tour about a month ago and sat down to talk about recording another record, and realized we didn't really want to record another record." Pretty straight forward. Although they added one caveat: "Finally, we're all still buddies and live in the same town, so we reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months if we feel like it." When DC Rock Club calls it quits (soon, we promise) I guarantee there will be no such civility.

We never saw Dirty On Purpose in concert which is too bad. It would've been fun to see Sacklunch and Potsy next to their doppelgangers (the bassist and guitarist pictured above). We went to one show but their van broke down so we were stuck with the opening band, Cedars (they sucked).

If you happen to be in NYC on New Year's Eve you can catch their final show at Mercury Lounge as they open for A Place To Bury Strangers.


Steve said...

Dammit. Never saw them either, but loved that first album.

Jumbo Slice said...

Hey Steve - welcome back from GA. The first album had a lot of catchy pop. The EP they released this year, Like Bees, was also really good. I liked the The My Bloody Valentine influenced stuff. They seemed poised to go to "the next level" (as Dr. Dre would say). Oh well.