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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Beard Band

Dead Confederate - March 4, 2009 @ Black Cat - $12

I had heard a few tracks of Dead Confederate thanks to the good people at WOXY, liked them, and was intrigued to see them on the bill for a show at the Black Cat this past Wednesday. My gut said, forget it, you've got too many other things to do this week and no one else is interested. But my gut often says things like, "order the cheese fries." My gut's not that smart, you see. So I decided to make the $12 investment to see Dead Confederate in person.

Here's a taste.

They sounded like they were underwater. That's what I left thinking. And left I did. I made it through 90% of their set, but just couldn't get into it and couldn't stay that late for headliners, The Whigs. The Dead Confederate fellas were a bit too jam oriented for me. And they seemed stuck doing the same thing, tune after tune. Step one, engage the audience, mumble through the opening first 30 seconds of your song. Step two, turn your back to the crowd and rock frantically for three quarters of the song all to yourselves. Step three, recall that there is an audience behind you, turn, and mutter more words into microphone and fin... wait, what. Back to Step 2 again. Forget it.

Next time my gut says "cheese fries," I order cheese fries.


Jumbo Slice said...

Dissing another Southern band is only going to upset a certain Anonymous reader. Don't forget: The South will rise again!

I guess I won't be seeing these guys at SXSW.

Potsy said...

I still like the Dead Confederate tracks I've heard, but their live performance is underwhelming. I'm not sure whom I would choose if threatened by shot gun; DBT perform better, but I don't like their music. Dead Confederate channel enough Nirvana that they'd probably get my vote. They have potential.

Jimbromski said...

nice work

Jimbromski said...

also note my new profile pic

Potsy said...

Wiseau is a rising star. Nice to see you riding his coat tails.