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Thursday, March 12, 2009

DC Does Texas Details - FINALLY

Today I emailed the rest of Rock Club an open letter I'd written to the organizers of DC Does Texas. I criticized the party planners for not promoting the show and failing to even release the set list or announce which bands were playing. I mean, they haven't even updated their web site. My letter was very sarcastic and kind of dickish. Before I started an online bitch fight I wanted the go ahead from the rest of the guys. The unanimous response: post that shit.

Well, before I could post the letter, the poster and set list were sent to me! Finally! Here are the bands playing DC Does Texas on Wednesday, March 18th at Friends Bar from 12:30 to 5:00:

12:30 Laura Burhenn
1:20 Deleted Scenes
2:00 Carol Bui
2:50 Middle Distance Runner
3:40 U.S. Royalty
4:30 These United States

That's a great line-up! I give the organizers credit for putting together such a solid bill. However, I have to call them out on a few things.

I work on 6th Street in downtown Austin. That's ground zero for SXSW. Everyday I talk with different people about what parties and showcases they're looking forward to the most. Unfortunately, no one is mentioning DC Does Texas. Perhaps the best site for SXSW planning, do512, lists over FIVE HUNDRED parties and showcases. The DC Does Texas party isn't even one of them. Let's hope that doesn't mean a poor turnout because the bands who schlep their asses all the way to Texas deserve better.


Steve said...

Thanks for getting this info. Not sure I'll be there in time to catch anyone, but will definitely be posting on my blog to get the word out...

Unknown said...

Do512 has caught wind:


The other organizers & I are greatly appreciative of your support (and next time, send your dickish letters to me! I hadn't heard jack from you!)

Jumbo Slice said...

Hi Valerie -

I criticize because I care.

I emailed DCDoesTX@gmail.com in early February asking for details and offering any help I could give. I never heard back. Is there a better address to use? If so, can you post it here or email us at DCRockClub@gmail.com?


Bigboote said...

The Hall Monitors are filling in for Laura at the opening slot, driving straight from the airport to play (if there's any set time left when they get there!)

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