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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SXSW Day Party: A Blog and a Band

One of the SXSW parties I'm most excited about: A Blog and A Band day party. It's a two day party sponsored by our friends at Side One: Track One and the Austin band La Snacks. They're featuring 21 bands from all over the world. A bunch of Austin bands I really like (La Snacks, The Lovely Sparrows, Ume) are playing with two of DC's best: These United States and Middle Distance Runner.

Over the next week, I'll profile some of the bands I'll see at SXSW. There's no better band to start off with than La Snacks (pictured above). They have a raw, fuzzy, slacker sound that recalls the best indie rock of the '90s. Couple that sound with highly amusing lyrics and a great live show and you have a winning formula. Here's my favorite song by La Snacks, "Kristen Was A Meteorologist":

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Newfangled said...

Thanks for the support ...Hopefully we will see at the show

Robert/la snacks