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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When I look around, baby you just can't be found

So I wanted to post the video for the Flaming Lips cover of Madonna's Borderline, which I heard today courtesy of WOXY. Trouble is, the video is not on YouTube. It's only on Amazon.com, so it totally messed with my plans. If you want to see the aforementioned video, click. It's kinda cool, and I would enjoy it if more bands covered Madonna songs.

So instead of showing you something new, I show you something old, and quite honestly, ripped off from Fark.

Monkee turns 64 this week, DCRC celebrates with video of "Alternate Title."

aka: Randy Scouse Git

I think this is a pretty good tune. It's only the video that lessens it. Monkees, in this case, are better heard than seen.

Note from Jumbo Slice: I used my super-dork powers to load the video:


Jumbo Slice said...

For the record, if DC Rock Club were The Monkees, it'd breakdown like this:

Jimbromski = Mickey Dolenz
Posty = Mike Nesmith
Sacklunch = Peter Tork
Jumbo Slice = Davy Jones

Jumbo Slice said...

Got to like The Flaming Lips. More bands should incorporate the Gong into their music. Gong songs, if you will.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love the Monkees AND I love early Madonna! This might be my favorite post ever. I must also note that the fab tunics the guys are sporting are right on trend! (Mickey's poncho - not so much. Drugs.)

So I watched THE CITY the other night on MTV (it's boring) and there is an Australian musician on the show named Pottsy. He spells it with two t's, but I thought DCRC might want to check it out. It's no GOSSIP GIRL, but the clothes are awesome.

Anonymous said...

who knew that "borderline" could get any better?! thanks for sharing!

Potsy said...

thank you Jumbo Slice for working your computer magic.

despite (and more likely because) this is a music blog, I don't watch MTV. So thanks for the warning about the my double t'd name sake.

I'll take Nesmith. That's a compliment.