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Monday, October 13, 2008

We love to rock and it shows

The Delta Spirit - October 12th @ the Rock n Roll Hotel, $10

San Diego's quintet squeezed themselves on stage at the RnRH Sunday night, bringing to the nation's capital their loud, impassioned brand of rock.

We saw the Delta Spirit perform at Austin City Limits, and arguably, they were the best of the acts that we saw. On day one of ACL, Delta Spirit played the Austin Ventures stage and were the first band Rock Club saw after our refreshing mid-day swim in Barton Springs. They didn't hold back then, and they didn't hold back on Sunday night either.

This is a band that reminds me of 5 other bands rolled into one. And I'm good with that. Having only heard them once before, it wasn't tough to feel like I've seen them, I dunno, three times already. Solid rock, musicians that play multiple instruments - switching around on the keyboards and drums; dude on the harmonica, and another on a trash can lid.

Here's a look at their crowd pleaser, Trash Can:

Delta Spirit at the RnRH 10/12/08

To be critical, Delta Spirit were better at ACL than at RnRH. Despite having a small squadron of superfans at RnRH, singing along, knowing what was up, sacklunch and I agreed the performance at ACL seemed more genuine somehow. Maybe because we had already seen them perform, or maybe because the stage at ACL offered them more room to strut their stuff, but I preferred the Delta Spirit after a few hours of dehydration, a nice redish dust coating, seeing them in broad daylight, and surrounded by indie rock chicks in tank tops.

For their last song, Delta Spirit got the crowd so involved, I started thinking I was at Ireland's Four Courts. And that's meant to be a compliment. For the record, I own a Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brother's cd and enjoy it every other March 17th.

Haven't seen the Delta Spirit? Loser. Comparing their stuff online to what I've seen in concert, I suggest checking them out in person. I think they have that Allman Brothers thing working.


Jimbromski said...

I think that's one of the rare DCRC vids that turned out pretty good, sound-wise

Potsy said...

I channeled Big Mick Hughes.