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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Bird In Hand

I just saw that Pitchfork is reporting that Bowerbirds have pulled out of Calexico's current North American tour.

To quote The Dude, this a "major bummer, man." Not 20 minutes ago I was looking at my calendar and looking forward to their November 13th show at 9:30 (which isn't on the Pitchfork list for some reason....hmmm).

Apparently they're exhausted, but not that exhausted that they won't play this Saturday night in Norfolk. So, enjoy them Norfolk, but don't hurt 'em.


Jumbo Slice said...

So who are you picking for your Nov. show now that Bowerbirds have bailed? Or are you afraid to say for fear of jinxing it?

BTW, that Delta Spirit show should be good. Not as good as the Spoon show I'm going to at The Parish. It's like seeing Spoon at the Rock & Roll Hotel, except with a killer sound system and light show.

Potsy said...

Oh...trying to pick a fight, eh?

Jumbo Slice said...

No, no. Just being a a bit of a wanker. I really am excited for the Spoon show though.

BTW, next month I'm seeing Delta Spirit here in Austin. Hope that show is as good as their ACL set.

Unknown said...

The same night of that canceled Bowerbirds show, the Homosexuals are playing at the Velvet Lounge. Now, they might not be exactly Rock Club's cup of tea, but they are absolutely one of my favorite bands ever and I saw them down at SXSW and it was off the charts. Also, the first band that night, I'm hearing really good things about them, although it's all shrouded in mystery.