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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun Fun Fun Fest - Day 2 Preview

Sunday at the FFF Fest provides more tough choices. Let's start off with the headliners at each stage.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (8:40-9:40)
Bad Brains (8:45-9:45)
Tim and Eric Awesome Show (8:45-9:45)
Clipse (8:45-9:45)

Some very good options but it's a no-brainer. Or should I say a Bad-Brainer? RIMSHOT! Ever since we watched American Hardcore I've wanted to see them live. Tim and Eric Awesome Show is really popular in here in Austin. I'm sure they'll draw a big crowd. Clipse intrigues me but I've only listened to them a few times. And then there's CYHSY. I went to their show at the Black Cat when they were the big buzz band. Their first album may have been catchy but their live show was flaccid. They've gone from selling out the 9:30 Club to playing shows at DC9. Oh, how they have fallen. Then again they are headlining a major festival so what the hell do I know.

Minus The Bear (7:35-8:35)
Bouncing Souls (7:40-8:40)
Grupo Fantasma (7:30-8:30)

This one is tough too. Mostly because I'm ambivalent about the bands. I'm leaning towards Minus the Bear, since the indie stage will be my default location. Grupo Fantasma is from Austin so I can always see them another time. Bouncing Souls are punk mainstays but I've never really been into them. They might deliver the best live performance though. Might have to flip a coin on this one.

St Vincent (6:30-7:30)
Kool Keith / Dr. Octagon (6:30-7:15)

Who am I kidding? Kool Keith all the way. The guy has a doctorate in Doomology AND Octagon Mathematics. You can't top that. St. Vincent is cute but her music bores me.

Other bands I'm looking forward to on Sunday:

The Black Angels (5:40-6:25)

Droning, neo-psychedelic stoner rock. When we saw them at the Rock & Roll Hotel I didn't think much of them going in. Too classic rock for me. Maybe it was the low expectations but I left impressed. Now I can't wait to see them again.

In the late afternoon I'll be watching DOA (5:10-5:55), Annuals (4-4:45), and The Spinto Band (3:20-3:55).

And finally...Frightened Rabbit (2:45-3:15)

This might be the band I'm most excited to see. They played two shows at Mohawk over the summer and were outstanding both times (see video below). Their album, Midnight Organ Fight, is one of the best releases of 2008. Plus, their drummer looks like Turtle from Entourage. So, there's that.

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Anonymous said...

Thank heavens! I was reading backwards and thought this blog wasn't about music anymore.

Let me know if Geno Petralli makes an appearance for his son's show. Should be great weather with an interesting crowd.