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Monday, October 13, 2008

Autism City Limits

ACL Recap: Day 1

Rock Club is as always devoted to bringing you recaps of things that happened weeks past, long after anyone is interested. And in that spirit of obligation, here's a recap of Day 1 at Austin City Limits.

We all left Jumbo Slice's gated community and headed for the bus stop. "This bus will take us straight to Zilker Park. It's the best way to get to the festival," assured Slice. We got on the fucker, and 100 yards later it dropped us off, as the route to Zilker was shut down for the day. No matter, we'll walk the mile on the Barton Greenway, which looked pretty brown to me, but whatevs. Did you know that in a scenario where a bunch of guys are walking in the woods on a trail, the longer they are on the trail, the odds of someone making a Vietnam reference approach 1.00. As my brains began to boil under my boonie hat I muttered something about watching out for booby traps, thus proving my own rule. Other idle chitchat during the 45 minute walk included Sacklunch proposing to capitalize on the reality porn craze by shooting a movie called Austin Titty Limits. Sounds like a winner, but I would call it Austin Titties Unlimited, because why would you limit the titties? That would be foolish. But that title loses the connection to ACL, so it's a conundrum. No one said adult entertainment was easy.

First Band: Yeasayer

Not too bad. "2080" sounded cool. The bass player braided his hair like some sort Aryan Brotherhood guy, while the guitarist work a pink polo shirt. There's no logic to anything these days.

Second Band: Vampire Weekend

We were at Barton Springs lounging in the cool water while these guys played. Best adjective to describe VW: inoffensive. Speaking of Barton Springs, that was an unlimited titty scene. We tried to act all blase and European about it. As we were leaving a girl who was climbing out of the pool lost her top for a split second. So you're probably thinking, what's the big deal, you already said there were a bunch of topless girls there, right? That just shows how stupid you are, to say that. It's the illicit nipple that trumps the deliberately exposed breast. Now stop making stupid comments and allow me to get to the next band.

Third Band: Delta Spirit

These guys were the best band I saw all weekend, although Spiritualized was a close second. We've had two readers--Preeti and Amy--who have recommended this band to us over the past year and now I see why they were so high on them. Preeti and Amy, I dedicate all the above breast-oriented comments to you, in return for your superior taste and your efforts to make us see good bands. More on Delta Spirit to come, as Potsy and Sacklunch saw them last night at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

Fourth Band: Hot Chip

English dorks Hot Chip were the last band we saw on day one. After Pitchfork last year we made an executive decision to see fewer bands per day but to try and concentrate on seeing full sets and getting in early to get a good spot. The Chipsters gave an upbeat set, and the lead singer wore a white jumpsuit. By the end of the day my brains were beginning to slow-cook inside of my cranium so I'm glad we left when we did. Jesus, Texas is hot.


sacklunch said...

Nice recap. A couple of things:

I too enjoyed Yeasayer more than I thought I would. It was nice being able to get so close to the stage. However, Itoo was annoyed my the man-locks of the bass player, He was also wearing capri style pants. Ghey.

Delta Spirit at ACL was slightly better than Delta Spirit at the RNR Hotel.

I unfortunately missed the illicit nipple.

Potsy said...

Nice title. I almost missed it - being so subtle-like.

While you were trying not to stare at the nipple-girl in the springs, I made no such effort, and what you missed was her being all playful about exposing herself to her friends off to our right. Goodness, me. Naughty, naughty. Texas isn't as bad as some people claim.

Jimbromski said...

I was staring, I just had sunglasses on so I could do it on the down low. She was very coquette-ish, yes.

Unknown said...

ACL should put this post (and comments) in their brochure for next year.