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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mr. Three Opalous

Hooray for Tuesday. If only it were Threesday.

It's the third day of the third month of the year. There are 303 days left of 2009. Lots of 3s... and check this out, it's Square Root Day. So if you're at work reading this, pack up you things, and tell your boss to get bent. You get the day off. The next SRD isn't until 4/4/2016.

Musically relevant topic: This past Saturday night, the Black Cat featured local rocker Benjy Ferree and celebrated the release of his latest work, Come Back to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee, Bobby Dee. That's really the title. I didn't stutter. I've enjoyed a few Benjy tracks over the past couple years, and it's always nice to see a local act ascend a bit. I think I speak for all of DCRC, when I say, good luck Mr. Ferree. He put on a solid show, and his music, while mostly unfamiliar to me, resonated nonetheless. Emma Peel tells me his new album is great. I believe her.

But that's all prelude to today's YouTubesday clip which comes from Benjy's opening act on Saturday, Tim Fite. Mr. Fite performed to a throng of x-handed youngsters who were definitely there to specifically see his unusual brand of rock. Performing to pre-recorded music, in front of a video screen, Tim Fite mixed art forms masterfully, and had me mesmerized. Have a look at this:

Not my video, but this is pretty similar to what he brought to the club. If you want to see more of the type of multimedia art that he weaves into his performance, check this out.

*"Mr. Three Opalous" is sacklunch-speak for Dr. Theopolis.


Jumbo Slice said...

Tim Fite was at the Fun Fun Fun Fest but I skipped him in favor of Dan Deacon and The Dead Milkmen. I remember a lot of people being really excited for his set. Judging by his name only I figured he'd be a little folky, maybe something like M. Ward. Umm, not so much.

Potsy said...

yeah, not so much, but a little. If you click on the link at the bottom, he sounds a lot more like you'd expect. But he jumps around a bit. Genre to genre.