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Friday, March 27, 2009

Show Preview: Deleted Scenes

We interrupt this post-SXSW coverage to remind you about the Deleted Scenes tomorrow night at the Black Cat. Opening for them are two very solid bands: The Drones and Pretty & Nice. Check out this little video that was posted at BYT. I love that everyone on the Metro just completely ignores Dan (lead singer of Deleted Scenes) while he plays. It's very DC:

Finally, here are Dan's thoughts on headlining at the Black Cat, taken from our recent interview:

DCRC: You have a headlining show at the Black Cat's mainstage on Saturday, March 28th. That's a goal that almost all DC indie rock bands aspire to but few realize. Was that a goal of yours? Any other goals you've set for the band?

DS: I'm not sure how much of an accomplishment it is. It's very scary. I've seen a lot of bands that fail to draw there, and it's one of the saddest things. That huge checkered floor just gapes at you when the place is empty. I hope people show up! We're pretty psyched about it though. We're releasing a cassingle at that show that is dubbed over old cassette singles I bought from Ebay. So people will be able to hear us with Gloria Estefan or Tag Team faintly audible in the background, which is really the way we've always intended our music be heard. Other goals? We want to stop working and be on tour for an indefinite number of months...maybe like 9 or something. And keep writing weirder and prettier songs.

EDITED TO ADD: be sure to read the article on Deleted Scenes in today's Going Out Guru section of The Post. It's another example of Dan's sense of humor and why we like the band.

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