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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Arctic Rock: Greenland at the Black Cat

Andrew, our Senior Youth Correspondent is picking up our slack. Here's his take on the recent Greenland show.

Greenland w/ Dennis Kane
Wednesday, January 13 2010
Black Cat backstage

When you are on winter break from college, Wednesdays are a lot like other days of the week. So this past Wednesday I pretended it was the weekend and headed to the Black Cat for local heavies Greenland. Dennis Kane opened to a decently sized crowd. Dennis is the main sound guy at the Black Cat, it was nice see him have a go from the other side of the room. He played gruff garage and post punk songs backed by a three piece band that included the Mrs. on bass. His songwriting brought to mind a more fierce Bowie or a less fierce Iggy. I didn't love every song I heard, but the overall performance was solid and Dennis get points for Fender Jazzmaster usage.

New material was the order of the day once the Greenlanders took the stage. Greenland is an indie-rock/post punk quartet that channels Joy Divsion and Wire as astutely as they do Neil Young and Queen. The band opened promptly with staple "Salome" and proceeded to a handful of fresh songs the band perhaps jokingly claimed were to appear on series of 3 upcoming EPs the first of which would come out in 2012. ("Be patient, guys") Lyrical content was as engaging as the music per usual. One tune about college was right up my alley: "Baby, baby/got caught by the RA." I happen to live in the basement of my dorm so I tend not to run into my resident advisor, but still it was nice to have some of the emotional spice of college life set to reverb soaked post punk. Potsy, Slice, you still remember going to college right? The new stuff sounded really solid, including older new songs "Black Lighting" and "Coffee" (both streaming here). I discovered these guys at Fort Reno in 2006, and have been a big fan ever since. If you have not checked them out yet, do it, they are easily one of the most original and enjoyable local bands currently active.

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Potsy said...

College? dude, I've spent 16 years at college. I spent my 4th year as an RA; it was a great way to meet chicks.