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Friday, January 29, 2010

Who didn't see this coming?

First time Emma Peel and I ever met up for a show we saw Monotonix. You may recall my cleverly titled post, "Jews Gone Wild."

Well, Emma Peel informs me via Pitchfork that at their January 27 show in West Palm Beach, FLA, Monotonix singer Ami Shalev broke his leg. You can see the aftermath of them asking for a doctor via YouTube.

And here's a pic of the injured Ami from the show (via Broward-Palm Beach New Times):

photo by Ian Witlen


Ian said...

You do not have permission to use the photograph in this post, and you are violating copyright laws by using it.

Potsy said...

Made a tweak for you, Ian. Fair use for a news story.

Ian said...

Using the screen cap is fine. I appreciate the fix.

In the future, you need to contact either myself or the publication for permission to use copyrighted materials.

Potsy said...

Okay. Can't wait for the next time.

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Unknown said...

lol at this comment thread

Potsy said...

which part? The guy before you who is making 1000-2000 per daily added a whole new vibe to the thread. He eats $100 per day.

Unknown said...

How soon until "lol" makes it into the Washington Post in a real article?