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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beatles Trivia Beat Down

The Beatles Rock Band is a big hit. All things Beatles tend to be. Did you know there is a Trivial Pursuit - Beatles edition? Emma Peel gifted me one in celebration of the Jesus birthday. We broke it out Saturday night with Emma Peel's dear ol' dad, who is not only a Beatles fanatic, but is also British (foreshadowing).

What was the color of the coat that "Man On Train" was wearing in A Hard Day's Night?

Wasn't that movie in black and white?

In the traditional trivial pursuit, if you didn't know a subject well, you'd skip it until you had to go for the pie. For me it was Arts and Literature (brown). And then you'd pray that the question you got was something covered in school, or something that you saw on PBS accidentally. With Beatles trivial pursuit, there's no dodging the subject. The question you get will indeed be about the Beatles, and worse, something rather tangential to the Beatles.

This is not a casual game. This is a game you train for, and Emma Peel's dad is an Olympian when it comes to the Beatles. He goes so far as to add on more facts when he answers the impossibly obscure questions. That's actually how I managed to compete at all. I was simply paying attention as he over-answered some of the questions. "Keep going," I thought. "You're bound to give away something I can use later on."

He manage to answer 12 or so questions straight away, from the first roll. I think he had three pieces of pie before anyone else had picked up the die. Jimbromski is DCRC's resident Beatologist, and I think there is a tournament in the making.

Since the "Movies" category seemed to do me in more than any other category, I thought I'd share with you the trailer to the 1965 motion picture, HELP!.

The pre-view kinda gives it all away.


AndyfromDC said...

Sounds fun, beatles rock band is a bundle of fun? also related:


This features some of the monty python dudes before they were doing that. I think the rutles even have albums and stuff. the greatness of the beatles makes any spoof of them even funnier, imo.

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