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Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Critical Disposition on the Works of Huey Lewis and The News

...brought to us by noted critic Patrick Bateman:

American Psycho is a wonderful movie and occupies a place of honor next to Point Break.

By the way, I am posting this at the request of Sack Lunch. This request brings up a few salient points:

1--The Lion/Buffalo/Crocodile vid (here) was, like my 5th grade school play, enjoyed by all, but its relevance was questioned by Sack and Potsy, as there was no real rock content. My answer to that is, if those two would get off their asses and post entertaining material on this blog (and no, cutting and pasting multiple paragraphs from Wikipedia doesn't count), I wouldn't have to work overtime finding such entertaining gems like the Berries and Cream Remix, or the Humanzee, or the picture of Amy Winehouse and Her Missing Teeth. Jumbo Slice does his part but frankly, you two have sucked at our teat for too long. So long that my teat is now chafed, red and sore.

Total fucking silence, pal. Well, two can play that game.

2--Sack Lunch requested I post this vid because he can't figure out how to post it on his own. Other technical things that befuddle Sack Lunch are (1) posting pictures on this blog, and (2) using the "Reply All" function in Hotmail. No wonder the Russians are kicking our fucking asses.


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