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Friday, May 22, 2009

My Favorite Band (this week) - Future of the Left

I was always a fan of McLusky (who isn't?) but I didn't jump on the Future of the Left (henceforth FOTL) bandwagon right away. That all changed when I saw the power trio perform at SXSW. They were the best band I saw all week. And I saw A LOT of bands. A shitload even. Dozens. You get the point.

Cardiff’s finest release their new full-length, Travels with Myself and Another, June 23 on 4AD. I snagged an early copy and it's every bit as scrappy, humorous, and funky as anything McLusky released. My personal favorites are "Arming Eritrea", "Stand By / Your Manatee", and "Lapsed Catholics".

Here's the video for "The Hope That House Built", the first single off their new album. Ever wondered what it'd look like if Ewan McGregor was Wolverine instead of Hugh Jackman? Well, here's your answer:

Consider yourself warned: FOTL plays DC9 on July 19th. Do NOT miss this show. Tickets are on sale now. What are you waiting for? Seriously, go buy yours right now you slacker.


Unknown said...

sing it!

Potsy said...

cool video. I like the Great War get-up. Also, at the 0:54 mark, it looks like the ol' lady is double fisting a couple of knobs.

I have the feeling that I'd like this band a lot more live, a little less polished.