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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup Announced

You've all heard plenty about SXSW and Austin City Limits but do you know about the Fun Fun Fun Fest? If you've always wanted to visit Austin and catch tons of great music, head on down the weekend of Nov. 7 & 8th.

This year the festival has 91 bands, rappers, DJs, and comedians to choose from. Transmission Entertainment truly did an incredible job curating this lineup. Here are some of the bands and performers I'm most looking forward to:

Brian Posehn - I'm still trying to hunt down the video he did for Black Moth Super Rainbow. If you've been to their show you know what I'm talking about.

Danzig - Seriously. Fucking Danzig. It'll be worth the price of admission just to see them perform "Mother". Or to hear Danzig discuss his favorite books.

Destroyer - I heard many a good thing about Dan's performances at Merge XX Fest and his 9:30 show.

Flipper - The FFF Fest does a great job of bringing back classic bands. Last year it was The Dead Milkmen. This year it's DEATH and Flipper. Actually, Flipper was scheduled to play last year but they had to bail. Good to see they're making up for last year's cancellation.

Fucked Up - yet another great live band. I love the single minded focus of the organizers. The schedule is relentless. You know another band that would have fit in nicely? The Future of the Left. Just sayin'.

GZA/Genius - Thank God I invest with Wu-Tang Financial and not Bernie Madoff. Cash rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M.). Get the money. Dollar, dollar bill yall.

Harlem - Speaking of which, I may go see these guys tonight. Now that they're signed to Matador they won't be playing many more free shows here in Austin.

Mika Miko - Have you see them yet? I haven't. I get the feeling they're a lot of fun though.

Of Montreal - first time I saw them was in front of 60 people at Common Grounds in Arlington. Next time was in front of 40,000 at the Pitchfork Festival. They killed both times.

No Age - what? I like this shit.

Shonen Knife - if you think I'm going to miss a band with not one, not two, but THREE Asian ladies...well, you don't know me very well.

Times New Viking - Lo-fi indie rock out of Ohio? Yes please!

Ratatat - For some reason these guys are incredibly popular in Austin. Is it because of their killer live shows? We shall see...

The Jesus Lizard - One of the most legendary live bands of all-time. The blogosphere was abuzz earlier this summer after they played at the Pitchfork Festival. I'm guessing they'll steal the show at Fun Fun Fun Fest as well.

but the band I'm most excited to see:

Les Savy Fav - I love all their records and have been dying to see them live for years. For whatever reason, they didn't see to play DC very often.

So there it is. Now head over to Southwest.com and book for flight to Austin. Trust me, the weather is great in early November.


Jumbo Slice said...

Shit, I didn't even mention Mission of Burma. How fucking solid is this festival going to be? Solid. Very solid.

Anonymous said...

"If you've always wanted to visit Austin and catch tons of great music, head on down the weekend of Nov. 7 & 8th."

..but not if you've been wanting to catch great local music..

Potsy said...

Destroyer at the *Black Cat* was disappointing last month. He didn't have a band with him, just a guitar. Zzzzzz.

What is Anon trying to say above? That the music isn't local? If so, so what?

Unknown said...

I think Anon is saying that he is a smug hometown prick who is too cool for the tourists. Relax, dude, you live in Austin!