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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Be Cool For 20 Hours, and I'll Pay You 20 Grand

Glenn Frey's song "Smuggler's Blues" came up in conversation earlier today and I made a mental note to retrieve the video for the song and post it on here. I remember it being all Miami Vicey.

Well, long story short, Universal Music Group has made the crafty decision to disable embedding on all of Mr. Frey's videos.

No matter--I found an excellent substitute. The guy who posted it said he made the video in high school in 1988 for a class project. Grade? A-.

My favorite scenes are as follows:

1--Undercover cop gets ripped off by the drug dealer, who speeds off in his car. The cop takes 18 seconds to run to his car, put his seat belt on, start the car, and drive off. I'm surprised he didn't check the tire pressure first (1:40 - 1:58).

2--The cop runs to the top of the building where all the shit's going down, and trips (3:43).

3--The old dummy-being-thrown-off-of-the-side-of-a-building trick (4:03).

4--Close up on the corpse. Chilling (4:05).

So go eat a dick, Universal Music Group. We've found a workaround.

PS I left a comment on this guy's YouTube page asking him to come comment on this, I hope he shows up.


Potsy said...

The guy jumped out of the car without the suitcase full of cash. That's a major flaw.

I especially liked the cinematography that shows the fugitive's feet running, and jumping over the camera. Although, using that same shot twice took away from the uniqueness of it.

If you have 13 minutes to kill and you like Star Wars, the Youtube video that shows in the display after this one ends is pretty good. It's stop-action cinematography using Star Wars figures titled "Smuggler's Blues." It's got a nice mix of humor combined with a touching dramatic story.

Jimbromski said...

I'll check out that Star Wars vid.

I really want to hear from the director of this, I wonder if he went on to make Bollywood films, or something. Probably corporate training movies.

Jumbo Slice said...

I love the video. The shitty cars and dreary landscape remind me of Brockport. Also the haircuts.

Anonymous said...

Jimbromski is close. I went on to a career in News Promotion. Now I make commercials for 2 year trade schools. Chances are you've seen my work.

Here's some technical info:

1. I shot the video on a Panasonic OnmiMovie VHS camcorder. I still have it and it still works.

2. I didn't write a script or create a storyboard.

3. The guy that gets shot in the park is my brother.

4. Linear Editing Sucks (especially when working with VHS)