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Friday, June 26, 2009

My Favorite Band (this week) - Harlem

I'm sorry to interrupt the Michael Jackson tributes but we'll be back with a review of Who's Bad: The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute Band soon enough. For now, let's focus on my favorite band (this week): Harlem. This Austin band specializes in fun-loving, sloppy, lo-fi tunes with goofy names like "Psychedelic Tits" (great song, btw). During SXSW I caught them at the Gorilla vs. Booze party and it was a blast. The free Red Stripe was flowing, the joint was packed, and everyone was dancing and sweaty. It was like the best house party you never went to.

The band has one album out called Free Drugs ;-) and recently signed to Matador Records for their next record. It'll be recorded this summer and released in 2010.

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