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Thursday, April 23, 2009

And the winner is: Not David Malitz

The Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism were announced this week and David Malitz did not, I repeat did NOT, win for his acclaimed Please Explain To Me series at PostRock. I thought a penetrating look at concert t-shirts was a shoo-in for a Pulitzer. Kind of like playing a handi-capable person usually means Oscar gold. I guess not. So, for those of you keeping score at home: Pulitzer Prizes - Malitz 0, DC Rock Club 0.

Malitz is full of pluck though and is gunning for a prize next year with his new Really Quick Spins feature. Each week he gives his opinion on 5 or 6 new albums. I like that he covers groups I'm not familiar with (Still Flyin', Eat Skull, The Coathangers) as well as many of my favorites (Art Brut, The Thermals, Superchunk). The reviews are concise, informative, and spot on. And by "spot on" I mean he usually shares my opinion on bands (see his review of Super Furry Animals). As long as it makes me feel smart, I'll keep reading.

Hmm, I wonder why newspapers are failing...
[photo credit: Jay Premack and The Washington Post]

A little advice for Malitz in his passionate pursuit of the Pulitzer Prize (which doesn't really exist but play along). Stop associating with DC Rock Club. We're the kiss of death. Take The Sunday Source for example. They feature us on the cover and a few months later the whole section is sent to the scrap heap. Or paper heap. Whatever. The point is if you associate with us you're forever tainted. It's like staring in a Vincent Gallo movie or playing for the L.A. Clippers. Nothing good can come of it.

How would you like to star in my next movie?


Jumbo Slice said...

With the right half shirt and a nice pair of leopard print underwear, Malitz could pass as Vincent Gallo.

Anonymous said...

he needs to gain like, forty pounds first.

Unknown said...

"The point is if you associate with us you're forever tainted."

that's ok. you know me. i love taint.

Unknown said...

I can't really add anything after "I love taint."