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Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Switch the Blade On the Guy in Shades

It's Tuesday, and time for another look at what YouTube has to offer.

This week's YouTubesday is inspired by my travels to Canada, specifically Montreal. I arrived to Montreal Saturday and have been eating mounds of poutine, enjoying pints of Boréale beer, and wishing I knew some French so I could flirt better with the Québécoise. So, in keeping with my current location, I decided to post a clip from some home-grown talent.

Arcade Fire? Too obvious. The Dears? I'm pretty sure I don't like them. Men Without Hats? Tempting... but instead, you are reminded that Montreal's own Corey Hart was once a Tiger Beat heart throb (and possibly light sensitive).

Separated at birth/David Duchovny?

Wikipedia has a fascinating write up of Corey Hart. A few highlights:
  • at 13, he sang for Tom Jones and recorded with Paul Anka in Las Vegas and, at 19, recorded demos with Billy Joel and Eric Clapton before signing to a major label at the age of 20.
  • he was offered the role of Marty McFly in the film Back to the Future, which he turned down.
  • he has four children with kooky names: daughters India, Dante & River and son Rain.


Anonymous said...

Never surrender, man.

Jumbo Slice said...

More Talented: Corey Hart or Corey Haim?

Speaking of Coreys, I can't decide if what's more insulting, when people say I look like Corey Feldman, Steve Guttenburg, or a young George W. Bush. Obvious, Guttenburg is the most gifted of the three.

Anonymous said...

It's Guttenberg. Dude, don't slight the genius.

Corey Hart is more talented. The body of work he has is much richer than Corey Haim. Bonus talent for not having a train wreck personal life.

I have to go home and dig out my BOY IN THE BOX cassette.

Potsy said...

This is a rocking song at times, and Hart actually looks like he's pleasuring himself throughout. It's that good.

Anonymous said...

PS: Jumbo Slice, you don't look any of those 3 people.