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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shoe City -> Easterns Motors -> Capitol Hemp?

Local Ads with Good Grooves

Sacklunch just sent an email out regarding this ad, and it seemed worthy of an add-on to YouTubesday. DC has done well with advertising local businesses with musical accompaniments.


sacklunch said...

I heard they have a good selection of "glassware" as well.

My favorite part of the song is when he says "ten-percent off..."

Okay, let the Jew jokes fly....

Jimbromski said...

nice flow

I searched for Shoe City a few months ago and was stymied. That one was the best.

T shirts
Footwear and boots

No one does your city like Shoe City

Jimbromski said...

Would also like to add that altho my xBox Live days are far behind me, the username "Eastern Motors" still belongs to me, and has been mine since 2004. Boo-ya. If anyone wants to buy it from me I'll listen to offers.

Jumbo Slice said...

Didn't they try to legalize weed in DC and the Congress overruled it?

sacklunch said...

Stopped in here today at lunchtime. They have an excellent room in the back were they sell all kinds of smoking apparatus (for tobacco use only, of course). The prices were a little "high", but I still ended up making a small purchase. I forgot to ask for the 10 percent off.

The whole time I was in there all I could think about was:
"George Washington grew hemp. Thomas Jefferson grew hemp...."

KCG said...

My favorite part is the white checkout dude in the background. He looks scared like he's not sure what's going down.