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Friday, September 05, 2008

Examining All The Options

I'm down here in Austin so I shouldn't be telling the rest of Rock Club what shows to see but I'm going to anyway. Potsy, Jimbromski, and Sacklunch have opted to see Liam Finn with The Veils on Saturday. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe a little conservative, the safe choice if you will. The puss option others may say. Not me though, I'd never say that. Never. (cough...wussies...cough)

Let's discuss a few other shows people should consider. Tonight one of my favorite Austin bands (I have about 74) comes to DC for a show at Comet Ping-Pong (note to Comet: get a real fucking web site already). I saw Ringo Deathstarr open for Tilly and The Wall earlier this summer. Allow myself to quote....myself:

"Two bands local to Austin opened the show. First up - Ringo Deathstarr!!! Why the excessive use of exclamation points? Because these guys brought the noise rock and I loved it. Tons of distortion and heavy drums. They had the gauzy feel of The Jesus and Mary Chain combined with the loud and sloppy gutter punk of Blood on the Wall. They exuded a "we're rocking and if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself" attitude which reminded me a young Fake Accents. Needless to say I'll be keeping tabs on this band."

If that's not enough reason to go check these guys out, I can't help you. You're hopeless. Seriously, go away. You disgust me.

I also wish I was in DC to see Gist at the Black Cat on Saturday night. It's a promotional show for their new CD, Conversations, Expectations. I've seen Gist a few times. Once when they opened for Travis Morrison and again when they headlined at Iota. Let's hop in the way back machine for another quote:
"They play ferociously energetic rock. I'm not talking about spazz rock or out of control crap like some of the bands we saw in American Hardcore. No, unlike bands that rely on gimmicks and non-stop distortion, Gist can actually play their intruments and play them well. It also doesn't hurt that they can write some nice hooks."

Okay, there it is. I've said my peace. If Rock Club can't make these shows, hopefully a few readers can (report back if you do!).


JetAgeEric said...

JS, I wish I'd seen your RDS write up sooner. Health issues combined with suspicion of any band that sounds THAT much like MBV and JAMC enabled me to puss out. Had I known the rock was gonna be brought so strongly to my old neighborhood, I woulda gone. -E

Jumbo Slice said...

I'm hoping someone who went to the show will write in. I'm curious not only in how RDS was but what it's like to see a show at Comet.

Unknown said...

I passed out halfway through Bill Maher, a late night show just wasn't in the cards for me on Friday. I've been to plenty of shows at Comet, though, and I like it. Things start later than the Velvet Lounge because they have to wait for people to finish their overpriced pizza, but the space is nice and parking is plentiful, two big positives. I've been told they will have a Web site up and running as soon as this week, we'll see.

I ran into all of the local Rock Clubbers on Saturday at the RNR Hotel, I think we all liked the Veils a lot.