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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sounds of the Seventies

Do you remember the good old days, AKA the 1970s? Here are various activities people enjoyed in the 70s:

1--Snorting coke off of Farah Fawcett's ass cheeks, then getting in a fistfight with Lee Majors--and winning
2--Hot tubbing with Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, and laughing your ass off when Tricky Dick threw Kissinger's Speedo on the White House roof
3--Ventura Highway, in the sunshine
4--Doing the following pills: uppers, downers, barbs, ludes, dust
5--Attending a Poco concert, after ingesting the pills listed in (4)

The list is endless but I'll stop there.

Here are some good songs from the 1970s vault that I keep in my house.

1--"Lowdown", Boz Scaggs: Scaggs attended St. Mark's Episcopal High School with Steve Miller, and was briefly a member of The Steve Miller Band. Thank God he left the band, because they have got to be one of the most annoying groups ever, in history. Ever. This song is from 1976, and was recorded with session musicians who later went on to form Toto. Dig the flute:

Boz Scaggs: pass the barbs

2 & 3--"Breakdown" and "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You", The Alan Parsons Project: Alan Parsons started out as a sound engineer and worked on various Beatles (Abbey Road), Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon) and Hollies albums.

Alan Parsons: look how gentle I am

He then formed the Alan Parsons Project and recorded some of the gayest, softest music ever heard, even for the 70s ("Don't Answer Me", "Eye In The Sky", "Games People Play", or, as my sister and I called it, "Gay People Play"). These two are cool, though. Here's "Breakdown", which sounds like Fleetwood Mac:

And here's "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You", which sounds like Wings:

I know Jumboslice will say all these songs suck, but honestly, we all know that if I changed the names of the groups, and said that they were new bands, and that Pitchfork had given them ratings of 6.9 and 7.8, respectively, he'd be none the wiser. In any case all three of these songs would be great on a movie soundtrack.

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