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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dan Deacon/Girl Talk Preview

I have to admit, I wasnt digging Dan Deacon the first time I heard the disc. Then I caught a glimpse of his live performance at Pitchfork and I was slightly more intrigued. I think this guy is some sort of freakish musical genius. Check out this live performance on some NBC morning show (I think it was like a year ago).

Should be a good show, although I heard (via another music blog) that Dan Deacon was a bit under the weather last night in Charm City and only played for 20 minutes.....And as Potsy said, "wear your mesh shirt, its going to be H-O-T"

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Jumbo Slice said...

I love that video. The dude is a freak. Did you know he has a masters degree in electro-acoustic music composition? This is from an interview w/ him in DCist today:

How did you get the segment on NBC News in Savannah?

A friend of mine worked at the studio and somehow convinced them that I was like Moby or something. I was coming through to play a show in his friend's basement, so what better way to promote a noise show than at 5am on the morning news? The performance nearly cost him his job.