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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Us versus the Rock

Usually, the rock and us, we are the good friends. But recently, it seems like we were born under the bad sign. Spoon--canceled. Spoon--rescheduled, but only mathematicians and NSA cryptologists can figure out how to redeem previously-purchased tickets. Gossip & Long Blondes: canceled. Dan Deacon and Girl Talk--sold out.

When did this shit become so difficult? I like these bands because they're not so popular, and it's always pretty easy to get tickets. We're victims of the popularity of indie shit. Except for the Gossip show--why was that canceled? Gastric bypass?

(Fat jokes are the lowest form of humor. And yet, I will persist.)

It hurts to say it, but Rock Club is powerless--we're at the mercy of chance, of kismet. Here we are, in video form:

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